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Why you should use a


You need a job done and you need it done right.

You need the operator to be legal and insured.

When a Drone Operator is in possession of a valid* DroneCard,  you can be assured he or she have been verified against the Civil Aviation Authority approved list and are legally ok to fly.

*You can verify validity/authenticity here on this website at any time.

Prevent Accidents and Legal issues

A simple mishap can ultimately turn into a financial disaster.


All Drone Operators holding a valid DRONECARD have been trained and tested by a National Qualified Entity in order to to operate the drone in a safe, effective, and skilled manner.  We make sure we only have these skilled and qualified Drone Operators on the site, for your company’s safety.


Some people who do not carry the DRONECARD may be perfectly capable of safeguarding the job, the site, the people, and public around them.  But sadly, some will not and it could be at your company’s expense.


Selecting a Drone Operator from DRONECARD is the safest thing you can do today.


Click here to find a verified DRONECARD Operator

All DRONECARD Operators are vetted for a valid PFCO every year, and issued with a DRONECARD ID stating the validity of their verification for PFCO from the UK Civil Aviation Authority. Due diligence should always be carried out when hiring any professional in any sector, for any service. DRONECARD cannot be responsible for the actions of any members actions, and in particular DRONECARD cannot bear any responsibility for the actions of any members who have had their PFCO rescinded or withdrawn by the authorities. If in any doubt, ALWAYS check the validity here: .