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The Drone Company

This is you if you offer aerial services of any form, to industry or the public.  Whether this is surveying, mapping, inspections, photography, anything – if you have a Drone Company, you want to be a DRONECARD holder and register here.

The Spotter / Marshall

This option is good for people who want to be recognised and subsequently used as Competent Spotters/Marshalls for PFCO operations by a Drone Company.  This also includes any ‘ground’ filming exercises they may require you for.

The Fixer

Can you be ‘Fixer’ for your area?  Do you know the rules, permissions required, people to speak to, do you know good take-off and landing points?  Do you know people that will allow drones on their property? Can you act on a Drone Company’s behalf and get all permissions in place advance of their visit?


If you don’t know what an NQE is, then this option is not for you.  An NQE is a ‘National Qualified Entity’, endorsed by the Civil Aviation Authority in the United Kingdom to train up and qualify Drone Operators for CAA PFCO Status – issued by the CAA upon application, post NQE involvement.